What to do while on HIV PEP?

While on HIV PEP, don’t take some other solutions without first counseling the specialist. Try not to stop the HIV PEP without first counseling the specialist. In the event that you can’t endure the reactions, come back to counsel the specialist.

How is HIV PEP directed?

HIV PEP treatment includes a one month’s course of triple oral medication mix regimen of antiretroviral HIV PEP treatment.

At Tanjong Pagar Medical Clinic, we offer HIV PEP Treatment Singapore that is protected, very much endured, broadly utilized as a part of open government doctor’s facilities and in accordance with global HIV post presentation prophylaxis rules.

Cost of HIV PEP treatment – HIV PEP Singapore

The cost of HIV PEP treatment is roughly $2000 – $2200 for one month’s course of drug.

Breakdown of expenses:

Conference – $60 – $80

Benchmark HIV test – $50

Benchmark blood tests – $78

HIV PEP pharmaceutical – $2000

Hostile to sickness, against looseness of the bowels medicine – as charged

Other STD tests as well as solution – as charged

The HIV PEP solution is additionally accessible to be recommended on a week after week premise, or as a starter short course of 5 days “chilling” period, so you will not have to pay the full entirety forthright. We can prompt you in view of your budgetary contemplations.

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